After 20 years of progressively responsible positions in the financial sector, Sean Patrick Meriwether refocused his career on Sustainable Development. In 2017 he completed the Master of Science program for Sustainability Management at Columbia University to help respond to the alarming environmental challenges of our planet. He firmly believes that humanity is the cause of pollution and climate change, but people have the power to reverse course and repair our damage.

As a project manager he has leveraged his creative problem solving skills to generate cost-effective and original solutions within strict parameters. He has kept projects on track and under-budget by engaging key stakeholders with clear communication and setting a firm but flexible timeline. Sean flourished through multiple bank mergers by remaining adaptable, professional and calm while driving change management projects. He will bring this experience to driving sensible adaption in the face of climate change.

In addition to his career in finance, Sean is a published author and the former managing editor of two online magazines, Outsider Ink and Velvet Mafia. He has been engaged in political action groups, educational programs, and non-profit organizations. Sean is an avid hiker and photographer of nature.

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