My grandmother, Bridget “Betty” Donohue, used to say that if you wanted your life to be interesting you had to keep challenging yourself and do something radically different at least once a decade. It kept your mind active and your spirit young. Her advice has motivated me to try new things and travel outside my comfort zone; it also keeps her memory alive.

I have always been concerned with the environment. We have seen alarming reports of man-made climate change growing beyond our control. I cannot stand by helplessly when it is possible to address some of the most complex problems facing humanity. Last year I completed a Master of Science program in Sustainability Management to learn how we can better use the finite resources of this planet without destroying them for future generations.

Many people will enter your life, sometimes for a few moments, sometimes for a lifetime. Know that you can have a positive impact on others. If you are concerned about the health of our planet, please consider eating less red meat, reduce your energy usage, question your consumption, and recycle what you use. We can solve these problems only if we work together.

— Sean Patrick Meriwether